Varsity Cheer

Middle School and High School cheerleading tryouts will be held on August 22, August 24, and August 25 in the High School gym. Students must have an up-to-date physical on file and all sports forms must have been completed by Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Wear shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes to tryouts. 

Tuesday, August 22
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Thursday, August 24
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Friday, August 25
5:00 pm until completed

Varsity Cheer 2016-2017

 Head Coach
 Kelly Massey
 Assistant Coach
 Jennifer Bailey
 Karen Pate       

Team Roster 2016-2017

 Elizabeth Allred
 Haley Myers
 Madalynn Arnold
 Kaleigh Pate
 Anna Bradley
 Monia Spann
 Malaina Carter
 Tori Squires        
 Connor Clapp
 Katie Stewart
 Kaitlyn Davis
 Cassie Terrell
 Brianna Kimber
 Mackenzie Whaley