Board of Directors

Board of Directors

River Mill Academy is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the parents of currently enrolled students. The Board is responsible for the legal and financial obligations of the school. The Board sets the general direction and policy of the school but does not manage it on a daily basis.

Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm and are open to the public.

Board Documents:
Procedure for Conduct of the Meeting
Fundamentals of Parliamentary Procedure
Bylaws (Revision 4, approved August 15, 2013)

 Board of Directors 2018-2019
Tim Cross

Chairman -
Community Member Seat

5-Year Term

336.222.1063 (Home)

Children at the school (current and graduates): Bryan and Callie 
Number of years at the school: 8 years
Previous commitments to RMA: I am currently serving my seventh year on the Board of Directors and my third year as Board Chair. I am currently the chair of the Technology and Survey committees, while also serving on the Security committee. I have been a member of PTT each year and volunteered for numerous field trips and class activities.
Current occupation: Director of IT Applications at Gildan Activewear Inc.
What I specifically bring to the board:  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and have been an IT professional and manager for more than 20 years, which I feel gives me a unique skill set to compliment the board. Having a strong background in Information Technology enables me to advise the board of ways to continue to improve communication, reduce costs, and provide more web based applications to increase parent, teacher, and student interaction with the RMA website.
Comments:  I have been extremely pleased with RMA during my 8 years with the school and feel very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful school.
Joe Sells

Vice Chairman -
Community Member Seat

5-Year Term

336.270.3349 (Home)
336.669.9644 (Cell)

Children at the school (current and graduates: Henry (2015 graduate), Samantha (2011 graduate).
Number of years at the school: 11 years
Previous commitments to RMA: I have served on the Athletic Boosters and the Board of Directors.
Current occupation: Hope Real Estate, A Better Realty Group, and CSL Investments Inc.
What I specifically bring to the board: A commitment to helping provide a safe and positive environment for our children to reach their full potential.
Jill Davis

Secretary -
Community Member Seat

5-Year Term

336.684.9865 (cell)

Children at the school (current and graduates): Mattie and Sarah
Number of years at the school: 6 years
Previous commitments to RMA: I have been a volunteer at RMA since my oldest daughter started school here six years ago; I jumped right in to help however needed. I joined PTT that first year; my second year I was Vice President, the two years after that I was President. From 2016-2017 I served on the Board in a Parent Seat and was Board Secretary; this past year I  served on the Board in a Community Member Seat and was Board Secretary.
Current occupation: Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Administrative and Fiscal Services/Chief Financial Officer at Alamance Community College
What I specifically bring to the board: I have always had a heart for helping others. I have had the opportunity over the past several years to get to know other parents, teachers, and staff here and I will be able to make sound decisions that will benefit everyone involved. As a committed parent to wanting the best for my children, their peers, teachers and staff, I will strive to do what is best for everyone at the school.
Comments: I appreciate my children having the opportunity to attend River Mill Academy and all that is offered here. I have watched my children grow into responsible young ladies. The parent involvement in this school is amazing and encouraging to me and I look forward to serving the parents, teachers, and staff of River Mill Academy for many years to come.
Cathy Rumley

Treasurer -
Community Member Seat

5-Year Term

3336.213.4751 (cell)


Children at the school (current and graduates:  Grandchildren:  Charlotte (5th grade), Brady (1st grade), and Logan (rising Kindergartner)
Number of years at the school:  4 years
Previous commitments to RMA: 
I am completing my 3rd year on the Board, having served on various committees. In addition, I have volunteered and assisted with several PTT activities, worked in the Book Fair, chaperoned class field trips, and helped with class activities. I have also served as a volunteer working with students in the CAFE literacy program.
Current occupation:  Retired, School Principal/Teacher (Orange County School and Alamance/Burlington Schools)
What I specifically bring to the board:  Recently retired from my career as a principal, assistant principal, and teacher, I have worked in all three levels of instruction - elementary, middle, and high school. As a principal, I served as chairman of my schools' School Improvement Teams, which governed and regularly made decisions that affected all the school's stakeholders – most significantly the students. I also worked closely with parents, staff, and students on a daily basis. My experiences have given me an understanding of the educational process and the importance of valuing all viewpoints in order to make sound decisions.
Comments:  I have been impressed with the quality of instruction and the dedication of staff members at RMA. I know from experience the hard work and dedication that is required to ensure the success of a school. Additionally, I have found it refreshing to witness the high level of parent participation and ownership in our school. As a board member, I want to help ensure that RMA continues to be an excellent school, and that, together, we never stop trying to become even better.
James McClary

Board Member-Parent Seat

2-Year Term
Children at the school (current and graduates): Anthoney (A.J.) - 6th grade and Cameron - Kindergarten
Number of years at the school: 4 years
Previous commitments to RMA: Have volunteered on several field trips, helped in the classroom and also have helped out on several field day events.
Current occupation:  Lapcorp - Sr. Regulatory Affairs Analyst - IT Security
What I specifically bring to the board:  I have a degree in Accounting and also over 14 years in the hospitality field. I am a big advocate of teaching this young generation how to be prepared for the business world when they graduate from high school or college and prepare for their first job. I would like to come in with a commitment of making sure that our kids from River Mill are prepared to go out in the world and be the best that they can be.
Comments:  My two boys have been very successful at River Mill Academy and I cannot thank the staff enough for the job well done from year to year. We love being in the Jaguar Family!
Sherri Singer

Board Member-Parent Seat

2-Year Term

Children at the school (current and graduates): Sarah (10th grade)
Number of years at the school: 11 years
Previous commitments to RMA: Throughout our years at RMA we have volunteered with the Cross Country Team, supported teachers by providing classroom supplies, and sponsoring students in need. I work with parents who are exploring the college transfer process and with RMA graduates as they transition to ACC. I work to incorporate RMA into college and community events including poster board contests and social studies professional development sessions.
Current occupation: Department Head of Social and Behavioral Sciences, History Instructor, Coordinator of Professional Development and the Adjunct Institute at Alamance Community College.
What I specifically bring to the board:I have a Masters of Arts in History and Community and Junior College Education and have held a teaching certification. As a community college educator, I bring experience in Career and College Promise Program, dual enrollment programs, access to partnerships with area museums and knowledge of college entrance requirements.
Comments:  As an educator and a parent, I am aware of the needs of both groups as well as our RMA students. Our goal should be their success and the betterment of our community. I hope to gie back to the educational community that has given our family so much.
Brent Smith

Board Member-Parent Seat

2-Year Term



Children at the school (current and graduates): Aydan (1st grade)
Number of years at the school:  4 years
Previous commitments to RMA:  I served as an assistant varsity boys basketball coach for 4 years.
Current occupation:  I serve as an Assistant Pastor at Glen Hope Baptist Church and also work part time at Stearns Ford.
What I specifically bring to the board:  I believe that as I've had the opportunity to work with parents and students in the local church, it helps me see how we as parents and educators play such a huge role in the growth of our kids today. Also, from the 15 years of working in the automotive industry, I have been able to hear people's problems and help come to a positive solution.
Comments:  I am so excited about the opportunity to serve of the Board of Directors and coach here at River Mill Academy. It is so encouraging to see the hard work that our school is pursuing to achieve its goals. My family and I are thankful for the opportunity.
Andy Varinoski

Board Member-Parent Seat

2-Year Term


Children at the school (current and graduate): Mallory, Addison, and Emma
Number of years at the school:
5 years
Previous commitments at RMA:
I have chaperoned many field trips.
Current occupation:
Senior DevOps Enginer/IT Support Manager for LapCorp.
What I specifically bring to the board:
I have a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Computing and Information Technology. I have been involved in IT for over 20 years. This experience allows me to view technology from both a hardware and software perspective. I can leverage this to ensure technology is utilized to its fullest potential at River Mill Academy. I was also a college student until May of 2016. I am acutely aware of the academic challenges students will face in college. This allows me to bring the viewpoint of a modern student to the board.
I have a highly-vested interest in River Mill Academy as I have four children enrolled for the 2017/2018 school year and three of them are members of the National Honor Societies. I appreciate that River Mill Academy’s core values honor not only education, but they also honor virtuous character.

Mike Wilson

Board Member-Parent Seat

2-Year Term

Children at the school (current and graduates): Gracie and Emma
Number of years at the school:  6
Current occupation:  Store Manager, Food Lion, LLC
Previous commitments to RMA:  I serve on the Board of Directors in a Parent Seat and as the committee chair for the Lunch and Extra-Curricular/After School committees. I am a very active volunteer at River Mill Academy every week helping in the cafeteria. You may have heard your children refer to me as "Mr. Food Lion." Not only do my wife Tracy and I volunteer with our children's classroom teachers, but we also support all areas of River Mill Academy whether it is the library, athletics, band, or the PTT.
What I specifically bring to the board:  I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. I serve on the disabled Veterans Business Resource Group. I have been a store manager with Food Lion for 11 years and have been awarded the Manager of the Year twice by my peers. I am personally vested in the development of young adults at River Mill Academy. Many of our high school students and graduates receive their first taste of work experience with us at Food Lion. My wife and I are active in the local community as well - working with the children's ministry at Trinity Worship Center where we do children check-ins for TWC Kids and I am also the Small Group Leader for Third Grade Boys. We are also involved in local charitable events as well. As store manager, I have established working relationships with regulatory inspectors and vendors.
Comments:  There is value that I personally can bring to the Board from a business aspect but more importantly from a people standpoint, I truly believe in the power of conversation. Past experiences in team setting and being involved in complex decisions is where I operate on a daily basis. Our community has been great to my family, and I want to invest more of my time into the future service of our school and its children.